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"We laugh at fear, afraid of nothing. We do not shy away from the sword." We go the extra mile to achieve your goals and make the world a better place

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By partnering with you, we make the world a better place 🌍

At Contenthorse, we have a great company culture and 5 core values we live and work by:
Faith, Hope, Charity, Equality, and Freedom. Whatever we do, whatever decision we make, or whatever article we write, we make sure it aligns with these 5 core values.

We give back to the community 🌱

Every month, Contenthorse donates 5-10% of its profits to helping people in need. Primarily, we allocate our resources to families in Kosovo who’re victims of terror, poverty, and other social, political, and economic events. The other cause we deeply care about is the education of young people in less developed countries.

We go the extra mile 🏃

We look at every project as our own. We give our best to outperform ourselves each month. Driving your revenue and reaching your goals ASAP is our number one priority.

It's human to human, not business to business 🙋

We're real. We're honest. We're human beings.

And so are our clients and their customers.

We use the human element to empower our clients' businesses and make the world a better place.

At the end of the day, B2B businesses sell to human beings, not legal documentation.

Help other people become better ❤️

Honesty, love, honor, and teamwork are the core values of every human being. That's why we help our teammates, clients, and partners become better at what they do. We help them become better people. 🌿

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Let's help this planet together 🤝

By partnering up with Contenthorse, you won’t just get more customers from content.
You’ll also help us make the world a better place.



Meet the Contenthorse team

Anja is the magician. Anja is an artist. While writing fiction books in her spare time, Anja helps our clients convert more visitors into customers with ROI-based content.

Anja Milovanovic

Senior ROI-based content writer

Tanja has experience producing various types of content - videos, podcasts, articles. She knows how to create a converting content marketing strategy for any type of SaaS.

Tanja Gavrilovic


Who says English guys are boring? Whenever we hop on a call with Alan, he puts smiles on our faces. Anyway, his content will blow your mind (and convert as well).

Alan Boyce


Luka is one of the most experienced content strategists and growth marketers you'll ever meet. His strategies attract dream customers like a charm.

Luka Susanj


Aazar helped many SaaS companies grow to 8-figures. He’s consulting us and helping execute the best possible strategies for our clients.

Aazar Ali Shad


With 5+ years in content marketing and helping 20+ SaaS brands grow, he ensures all of our clients are getting ROI from our services.

Ugi Djuric

Founder and CEO

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You’ll partner up with good people.
With people who will care about your product.


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