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Here's how we can scale your company to over $5m ARR

We get out of the building

Ideal customer persona research is the first step towards getting more leads. We reach out and speak with your potential customers and your sales and customer support teams.

This helps us to identify the most ideal customers with the highest LTV.


Crafting the Perfect Content Calendar

Then we do the KW and create a content funnel/calendar.

Essentially - we check your existing content and make unavoidable shifts towards more conversions.

Writing the Best Content Out There

Our content gets shared.
Our content gets ranked.
Our content converts people.

We give our best efforts to write powerful content that will make your brand stand out, position yourself as the though leader, and give you more customers.


Get Amazing Omni-chanel Presence

No content will bring you results without a great content distribution.

We do an in-depth research in order to find out the best channels where your target audience is hanging out. Then we re-purpose your content and get it viral across different places reaching 5000+ ideal buyers.

No Backlinks = No Rankings

As the final piece on the cake, we build a well-oiled backlink building machine for your business.

Even the sky isn't the limit for us. If your goal is to rank for the thoughest keywords out there, we will build you 500+ links just to achieve that and bring you more customers.


What makes us different from all other Content Marketing agencies?

By partnering up with Contenthorse, you're adding horsepower to your in-house team

Continuous ICP Research

By continuously being in touch with your target customers, we never stop making improvements to the content and style of writing.

Well-researched content

Our content will generate revenue for your company and present you as the thought leader in your industry.

Best understanding of your product

We can't sell your product through content if we don't know it as our pockets. That's why we use your product every-day.

Lempod's and lemlist's organic traffic increased for 900% in the first 4 months

Ugi and his team helped lempod to go from around 20 organic visitors/day to over 300 of them in just 4 months. On the other hand, with lemlist, they were able to bring us hundreds of high-quality leads just through content and SEO.

- Guillaume Moubeche - Founder @lemlist

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You could be in a great company

Userpilot, lemlist, Poptin, Document360, and many other SaaS B2B companies are enjoying the fruits of the leads we're bringing them through content marketing.

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