Meet our strategic and powerful approach to ROI-based content marketing

The framework you’re about to see is constantly evolving over the last 5 years. We implemented it successfully on 20+ SaaS companies

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It constantly evolves.
It constantly brings leads.

This process generated over $20m in ARR for all of our clients so far. We're also constantly learning new things and improving it along the way.

It helps us build the predictive revenue-driving machine from content marketing. For you.

Ideal Customer Persona Research

We have developed a unique approach for finding content-market fit and figuring out what your dream customers need, what type of content they consume, how they use your product, where they hang out on the web, and more.

This allows us to create a user-centric content marketing campaign that’s optimized for conversions.

As a bonus, we may also uncover some unique insights that will benefit your support/success, marketing, and sales teams.

Creating a content strategy

All of our strategies are based on getting you as many high-quality leads from the content as possible.

When creating a bigger picture, our strategies are mainly based on writing ROI-based content, repurposing it, and distributing it on the channels where your audience hangs out.

Content Writing

Once we know your customers and have a strategy in place, we approach the content production.

All of our articles are well-researched, in-depth, and full of actionable insights and golden gems.

Before all, our articles are user-centric and optimized for users, not Google’s SEO algorithms.

Of course, we make sure they rank on the 1st spot on Google (if that’s the goal).

Content Distribution

Once our content is published, we approach the content distribution game.

We make sure to put your content in front of your dream customers’ eyes, by repurposing and distributing articles on the places where they hang out.

Medium, Indiehackers, Quora, Reddit, Paid social, name it.

Distribution allows us to get new traffic quickly and test whether the articles convert or not.

Who says that you need to wait for 6+ months to start getting the first results from content?

Content CRO

Since our main goal is to get you high-quality leads and real money, we offer you a lifetime conversion rate optimization for all articles we wrote for you.

In this way, we try to maximize conversions in every place possible.


Start publishing ROI-based content.
Start getting more high-quality leads.


Converts like a charm

Contenthorse is writing content on many levels - PLG, comparisons, alternatives, and more.

The best part is that almost every article they wrote brings new leads in the funnel.

Michal Leszczynski - Head of Content Marketing @GetResponse

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