Lemlist - From 0 to 100+ high-quality SQLs with Comparison and PLG content after 6 months

Ugi Djuric
February 8, 2022

Lemlist is an omnichannel sales automation platform that allows users to create hyper-personalized cold email outreach campaigns.

The Problem

As every early-stage SaaS company with less than $1m in ARR, lemlist struggled to get more significant results with content marketing.

They had a lot of excellent lead generation systems in place - community, word-of-mouth, and social. But, to play the long-term game, they need a predictable lead generation system that constantly brings hundreds of high-quality SQLs each month.

That’s why they decided to partner up with Ugi and Contenthorse.

The Results

After 6 months, lemlist stopped depending on social, community, and other non-predictable lead generation channels.

Having inbound that serves as a well-oiled lead generation machine also diversify their overall user acquisition (remember, never put all the eggs in one basket!).

The ROI-led content we wrote had a 5-15% conversion rate and started bringing over 100 high-quality SQLs into the pipeline each month (with that number growing every month).

Hence, the ROI-led content marketing played an important role in getting lemlist from $0 to $3m ARR in under a year.

The Solution

We worked on a couple of different content types for lemlist:

  • Comparison/Alternative articles
  • Product-led Growth (PLG) articles

We wrote a couple of great and in-depth Comparison/Alternative articles that quickly moved to the first spot on Google:

Those were having 10%+ conversion rate.

But on the other hand, the content type that performed better for lemlist is the PLG content.

PLG content by it’s definition tackles some specific problems (or uses cases) that your potential customers might experience, and then go in-depth on solving them.

That’s why for lemlist, we decided to target a couple of really specific, long-tail keywords, such as for example: guest post outreach templates

And even two years after writing them, they’re still ranking in the TOP 3 positions in SERPs:

Other articles were more MOFU or TOFU based, but still, we managed to get many people to convert from them - thanks to our PLG and subtle product marketing approach inside the articles.

For example, we wrote a massive guide on doing sales prospecting. It’s one of the best on the web:

We went in-depth and tried to solve every obstacle the reader might have about this specific article.

But, on the other side, we subtly promoted lemlist as the go-to choice of solving some of the reader’s problems (or at least making their lives 10x easier):

That’s in a nutshell how we helped lemlist to go from $0 to $3m ARR in less than a year.

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