Lempod - $4000+ in new MRR in 1 week with PLG content

Ugi Djuric
January 27, 2022

Lempod is a LinkedIn engagement automation tool that helps you get more reach and engagement on your LinkedIn posts.

The Problem

We were working with lempod since day one. Together, we were with them on a journey from $0 to $60k in MRR in 15 months.

Since lempod is a LinkedIn automation tool, paid ads on LinkedIn were dangerous.

On the other hand, lempod is also a cost-effective tool (average packages were around $19/mo at that time), so it didn’t make a lot of sense to sell the tool through outbound.

Hence, we needed an organic and social media presence.

Our friend Ilya Azovstev was handling the community and social media, while we needed to develop and execute an ROI-led content marketing strategy that will bring more customers organically.

The Results

Although we wrote many winning articles for lempod, today I wanna talk about one that broke all the records.

We knew that lempod has many use cases and by using it, you can take your LinkedIn game to the next level.

So we did pretty in-depth research and invented 9 LinkedIn growth hacks.

The idea was to write an article about them and distribute it wherever we can.

The final results?

This particular article generated over 6000 visitors in a week after publishing and $4000+ in new MRR that same week.

Besides this, the other articles that we wrote and distributed contributed at least $25-30k in MRR total over those 15 months.

The Solution

Who says content marketing needs 6+ months to start bringing initial results?

If you leverage the power of actionable PLG articles that solve real problems and content distribution, you can get outstanding results in a short period of time.

Why does this particular article work so well?

  • It has a headline that grabs attention
  • Each growth hack we developed was super actionable and delivered real results
  • Since this is a PLG article, we subtly promoted lempod as a secret sauce in 3-5 of these growth hacks
  • When the reader finished reading this article, they were so amazed by it they needed to go out and test lempod.

But, if we just sat down and waited for the visitors to come, we’ll wait for months until the article ranks on Google.

So we decided to distribute it across a couple of channels.

We got 100.000 views on LinkedIn:

Almost 700 people commented on this post and requested to see the article.

On the other hand, the article was so good, that we got featured #1 in the GrowthHackers’s newsletter, giving us additional 4000+ visitors after a week:

This is why distribution is important for content marketing - and our distribution frameworks really break the records.

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