Userpilot - 150+ high-quality leads/mo in 5 months (One article drove $500k in ARR)

Ugi Djuric
December 30, 2021

Userpilot is a user onboarding software that allows users to create frictionless user onboarding flows inside their products.

The Problem

As every SaaS company, Userpilot was facing huge competition in a very competitive market with companies that have been there for decades.

Getting noticed behind the category leaders such as Appcues and Walkme was a really tough job.

Up until the point, we started working together, their only source of new leads were outbound campaigns and high-touch relationship building with dream customers in different communities.

They were in need of something more scalable. Something more predictable.

Something that will bring high-quality leads in the funnel 24/7.

That’s when Aazar Ali Shad - ex Head of Growth at Userpilot approached us.

The Results

In 4-6 months we turned their inbound and SEO into a well-oiled lead generation machine.

So instead of wasting his time doing prospecting and reaching out to prospects who might be a good fit, Aazar was spending time doing what he knows the best - closing high-quality leads.

In a little bit over 5 months, Userpilot started generating over 150+ high-quality leads per month from the articles we wrote for them.

To be even more specific, one blog post we wrote for them (5 Best Walkme Alternatives) drove over $500k in ARR.

Here’s the proof of that from Aazar:

The ROI-led content marketing strategy we executed for Userpilot was an essential part of bringing them from $0 to $1m ARR in one year.

The Solution

Since Userpilot needed a content marketing strategy that will bring them high-quality leads, we decided to use our ROI-led content marketing framework.

We targeted multiple high-intent keywords, such as walkme alternatives, appcues alternatives, and user onboarding tools.

By writing in-depth and actionable articles that resonate with their audience’s problems and desired outcomes, we were able to rank for those keywords in 2-5 months and start converting 10-15% of the readers into customers.

The long-term impact

The best part about this ROI-led strategy (if executed correctly) is that it brings results and new customers years ahead.

We wrote these articles for Userpilot almost 3 years ago, and yet, they’re still on the first results in Google and bring 150+ high-quality leads each month for 3 years straight.

Just imagine the revenue impact they had on Userpilot’s growth over the last 3 years.

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