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However, if you're still not sure whether we're the right fit for one another or not, read the text below, and you'll find out :)

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Are we the right fit for one another?

Hey, thanks for considering partnering up with Contenthorse.

I want to be brutally honest with you from the beginning.

We’re not the right fit for everyone. But we’re also the best fit for some.

So, let me give you a brief look at whether we should or not work together.

We’re not the right fit if:

- You’re not a B2B company - Although we work mainly with B2B SaaS companies, we might occasionally partner with some service/consulting companies.
You’re just starting with your journey - and if you have less than $40k MRR, then we’re probably not the right fit for each other.
We’re not the best at writing top-of-the-funnel content or website copy - Although we might do it occasionally for our clients, we don’t consider ourselves experts in that field.
You’re looking for an all-inclusive content marketing agency - we don’t do podcasts, videos, and other types of content except for ROI-based content.
You’re looking for content velocity rather than content quality - if you’re looking for an agency that will aim to publish as much content as possible (read 10+ articles a month), then we’re not the right fit. We focus more on content quality rather than content quantity.

But, we’re a good fit if:

- You’re the B2B SaaS company.
- You have a solid Product-market fit.
- You’re doing between $500k to $5m ARR (Or you raised seed to Series A rounds)
- You’re looking for an experienced, ROI-based content marketing agency that will help you get more high-quality leads.
- You value quality more than quantity.

So Ugi, I would say we’re the right fit. But, how much do you charge?

Good question!

Here’re more details about our fees:

At the beginning of our collaboration - we dedicate the first month to the “setup.”

It includes in-depth ICP research and content marketing strategy for the next six months.

Setup starts at $2590 one-off.

Once we have the ICP research and content marketing strategy ready, we will continue producing and distributing content.

We charge ROI-based content between $1000 - $3000 per article per month.

It includes content writing, content distribution, and lifetime CRO optimization.

The price depends on the quantity, complexity, and type of ROI-based content we write and the amount of content distribution efforts we need to invest in.

Please note that we usually create and distribute between 2-4 articles per month to keep our quality the best in the market.

That means that our average pricing plan is between $3000 - $9000/mo for, let’s say, three articles a month.

Also, keep in mind that our goal for each article is to start bringing you over $500 - $2000+ in new MRR each month.

That means that the yearly ROI of one article is around 5-10x after a couple of months.

Yet, once we have the strategy session, we will have a deeper understanding of whether we’re the right for you or not, and we will make sure to send you over the pricing plans aimed for bringing you as many leads as soon as possible - based on your budget.

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