We're the extension of your in-house team

There's only one thing we find sacred - your ARR. Hence, we work closely with your entire team (sales, management, support, etc.) to ensure you hit your revenue goals.

Contenthorse is the all-inclusive content marketing agency specialized in helping B2B SaaS businesses to go over $5m in ARR.

When I say all-inclusive, I really mean that.

There’re many agencies on the market, but many of them just write you the content and probably publish it on your social media.
And that’s it. Nothing more.

But Contenthrose is much more.
Contenthorse is the extended part of your in-house team.

How will we help you grow your business up to $5m ARR?

Here are the things we will do to bring you $5m in ARR:

What makes us stand out?

We're not like other agencies. We're different. We're better and more accustomed to your team and your company.

Here's what makes us stand out from other content marketing agencies:

Are we worth your time and money?

We could just shout out “DEFINITELY!”, but let us give you the proof instead of the empty words.

Together, all of us, have over 2 decades of experience in growing different SaaS businesses.

- We’re the ones who created lemlist’s content strategy from the ground up and helped them go from $200k ARR to $2m ARR in a year.

- We’re the ones who helped lempod go from 20 to over 300 organic visitors per day in just 4 months.

- We’re the ones who helped Poptin reach over 1 million people with 150 high-quality guest blog posts we wrote for them. 

- We’re the ones who helped Userpilot to start generating over 150 high-quality leads per month and go over $1m in ARR in less than a year.

- Hunch is generating over 50 high-ticket leads through content each month (Note: Their “high-ticket” customers are paying thousands of dollars per month).

And we could go on, and on.

ROI of our services, and, should you hire us? 

Here’s why we think many SaaS B2B companies will flourish by choosing Contenthorse as their go-to content marketing agency:

How much do we cost? 

All of our all-inclusive packages start at $8k/mo and go up based on your goals, how quickly do you want to achieve them, and other things.

In our all-inclusive packages, we do the entire content marketing for you, from start to finish. That means that we’re:

If you’re not able to invest $8k per month in order to reach $5m ARR in a couple of years, besides all-inclusive services, we can also offer you a single service, such as just content writing or just backlink building.

The minimum engagement for a single service is $2k per month, although we would always recommend going with all-inclusive packages because in that way we can be 100% in control of the outcomes and reach your goals.

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