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Writing and distributing in-depth research-based content that converts.

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(For B2B SaaS companies doing between $500k - $5m ARR; or Seed - Series A)

B2B SaaS companies trust Contenthorse

20+ SaaS 
companies are getting 150+ high-quality leads from our content each month

Why do you need an ROI-led content marketing agency?

Organic traffic is not important. Revenue is.

We don’t care about organic traffic. We care about the revenue and ROI that you’re getting from our content. Everything else is a cherry on top.

What is ROI-based content?

Content (not copy) that converts. Content that inspires people to take action. Content that gives you high-quality leads.

In-depth, researched articles that compare your tool with competitors’. We wrote over 300 alternative articles that are brought over $15m in sales for our clients. It’s our secret “know-how” that helps us create content that drives results. Fast.

How do your customers win with your product? How it makes them successful? This is one overlooked type of ROI-based content that, with the proper distribution, converts A LOT. We know how to write compelling case studies and success stories that will prompt people to take action and buy from you.

We reach out to the real experts in your industry and ask them about the detailed opinion about your and other competitors. Then we write a killer article that will convert your ICP like butter.
Product-led content doesn’t just improve the retention and activation rate of your existing customers, but it also helps with new user acquisition. If implemented and distributed correctly, it works like a charm. Fortunately, we’re not just another agency. We’re your partners that know, live, and breathe your product.
Do you have long sales cycles? Are you targeting enterprise companies? No worries, we will support your SDRs with content that will make cold leads warm. Content that will make them fall in love with your brand and solution.

Contenthorse helped us grow from $500k - $3m ARR in 1 year

Contenthorse's ROI-led content ranked quickly on Google and started bringing a lot of traffic. The best part? Average conversions were around 5-15%. We were getting 50-100 high-quality leads for lemlist each month.

- Guillaume Moubeche - CEO @lemlist

Our 5-step process for getting high-quality leads from content

ICP Research

We start by interviewing your team and existing customers and learn as much as we can about your dream users


Content Strategy

Then our entire team brainstorms and creates a powerful content marketing strategy for your brand

Content Creation

We add our secret sauce and write THE BEST content out there. Content that converts and brings money.


Content Distribution

Good results happen on their own. Extraordinary results happen after the distribution.

Content CRO

As long as we collaborate, we offer lifetime content conversion rate optimization for every article we write.


150+ high-quality leads/mo. Since 2018.

Content that Contenthorse team wrote in 2018 is still 1st on Google. Since then, it constantly brings 150+ high-quality leads each month to Userpilot.

Aazar Ali Shad - ex Head of Growth @Userpilot

We’re your partners in growth

You need a SaaS content marketing agency that will treat your product as its' own. We will adopt your product internally, know all of its' hidden gems, and work with you on achieving your long-term goals.

Strategic and powerful content marketing happens here

Why horse? Because the horse is a synonym for power. A synonym for something strong and elegant. A horse is also one of the most crucial chess figures. In a nutshell, the horse symbolizes our strategic thinking and powerful content marketing campaigns that we execute for our clients.

3-5% of your prospects are looking to buy RIGHT NOW

We create content for them to increase your discovery and position your product to help them BUY and use your product to do a better job.

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